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August 2013 - Ed posts a summer library mix to Mixcloud. Those Adderbury type bells feature again. 


"A short mix of poor quality vinyl but beautiful countryside/summer based 70s library music. (Except a cheeky track at the end). Enjoy some rare and fussy 70s library sounds out in the sun." - Ed. 

July 2013 - Side project. 

Ed posts this to Instagramhttp://instagram.com/p/crEEYjQPSk

Tour of my studio. Music is not FF but a side project that will see a limited vinyl release very soon…” 



10 June 2013 - “Verse/chorus/verse/chorus/middle 8/chorus. It works.” - Ed. 

29 May 2013 -“Half way through” 

BBC 6 Music News interview clip: 

"We’re about half way through. But it’s been a lengthy thing. We’re kind of taking our time with it because it’s, we just want it to, y’know… We’re on our third record, I think we can make it perfect. It’s not like we’re rushing to keep people’s attention. Really stripped down, entirely live, less synths, more kind of guitars and dirty organs. But still very danceable." - Ed. 


27 September 2012 - Ed relocates from St Alban’s to London, builds a studio in his new place: 

 Asked when it will be released, Ed says: "I don’t know about when. All the music we’ve been writing, every track sounds completely different from the next. So it’s quite difficult to say whether there’s a specific style to what we’re writing at the moment. I’d imagine that will all become clear in three or four months time. It’s all very live, we’re rarely using the computer to do anything. It’s all kind of analogue synthesisers and keyboards and we’re not looping any parts. It’s really liberating to force yourself to play your instrument properly." - Ed. 


August 2012 - Jack launches new label 

Already collaborating on an occasional clubnight, DJ unit and an NTS radio show, Jack Savidge and Foals’ Ed Congreave launch the DEEP SHIT label to release new music. 

Here’s the label’s Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/deep-shit

April 2012 - Jack talks to NME: 

"We want to explore some other things. We consider ‘Pala’ a continuation of the first record and I think this time we’ll want to come back with something new to keep everybody else interested. We won’t come back until we have something that’s valid and distinct. You can’t just knock out the same stuff over and over. We’re trying to push ourselves forward." - Jack. 


February 2012 - Ed talks album no 3 with Portable TV 

"Being in Sweden allowed us to knuckle down and work out which direction or music was going in." 


31 January 2012 - An update from Sweden: 

"We’ve got the best part of a song finished and few morsels for future development. We’re proud as new parents. Hopefully you’ll get to hear them in some form before long, when they’re good and ready mind." 


30 January 2012 - Edd talks to 6 Music about the trip to Sweden. 

“We’re off for ten days just to be away from everything and do the exploratory music making, we will see how it goes”.

“We tend to write quite good music in quite secluded, quite bleak places, in minus 25 degrees weather, Sweden, log cabin, pretty bleak.”

“I think we are trying to force on an element of the film The Shining, or the book The Shining, as a cultured gentleman who reads and doesn’t just watch films… We’re trying to alienate ourselves into a world of music alone and see what we come up with”. 


4 January 2012 - Ed posts Bells of Adderbury Church 

"A non-dance mix i done for walking around Adderbury when it snows…LUSH. 

"This is a short mix I compiled during a hazy, post NYE slumber.  

It comprises of some favourites of 2011 as well as old gems that have a close place in my heart.
Its easy to be pessimistic at the start of a new year, but these songs keep me optimistic and hopeful.

Ed x” 


December 2011 - The band head to Sweden for a fortnight to record. 

It’s the three of them, plus film maker Matthew Barton, who documented some of their UK 2011 gigs. Matthew posts this shortly after the trip: 

"Friendly Fires | SVEA 

"Long format documentary covering the bands recording of it’s third album. Shot over the course of two years the piece looks at notions of inspiration, creativity and landscape. The film is set to be released as a three part series in the coming months. 

Format: 8mm, HD

Duration: 15 min” 





BBC - Reading Festival 2013 - Disclosure with Ed Macfarlane (he arrives 11 mins into the video) 



Disclosure with Ed Macfarlane from Friendly Fires LIVE @ Leeds Festival - ‘Defeated no More’


Defeated No More.